Employment AdviceTribunal Claims Down 81%

The number of employment tribunal claims has plummeted by around 80% for the second consecutive quarter, following the introduction of fees, official figures revealed today. Claims dropped 81% between January to March 2014 to 6,019, compared with the same quarter in 2012/13, according to government statistics. In the last quarter of 2013 claims fell by [...] read more

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Good News For Employers In Employment Claim Reductions

The number of employment tribunal claims has dropped sharply since the fees were introduced, with a 79% fall in the final quarter of last year compared with the same period in 2012. There is also an additional hurdle to employment claims being the need to conciliate through ACAS. And there is also the final hearing [...] read more

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Huge Increase in Court fees- 81% in some cases!

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed it will go ahead with a series of changes to court fees from 22 April. Fees for compensation claims between £5,000 and £10,000 will increase by 81% from £245 to £445, with an extra £200 fee added to all claims up to those in excess of £300,000, which are [...] read more

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Easter Wills Offer- Offer extened- take advantage of our generosity!

Due to the great Success of our February Wills offer here at TM Law we have decided to extend the offer to anyone who has a will during the month of April will get the single will done for £95 plus vat for a basic will and for a couple, £175 plus vat for a [...] read more

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Employment Tribunal Claims- Update

For all employees thinking of bringing an employment tribunal claim- best get a move on and issue it this week because after the 6th April, before you can bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal you will have to had gone through conciliation with ACAS. This will be mandatory and will of course put extra [...] read more

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Top Tips for debt collection

TM LAWS TOP TIPS TO HELP MAKE SURE YOU GET PAID 1. Know who you are dealing with. Sounds really obvious but is not only crucial but very often got wrong. 2. You can deal with someone as an Individual, as a sole trader, as a partnership or as a limited company. Identify which they [...] read more

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Personal injury/Accident claims financial limits left alone

Good news for those who have been injured in an accident at last. The insurance industry were trying to have the small claims limit for personal injury claims lifted from £1000 to £5000 so that accident victims could not use solicitors to claim compensation which usually means the victim of injury will be awarded less [...] read more

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Employment tribunals – fees payable by claimants Change: Under its measures to boost the labour market and reduce the burden on employers, the Government has introduced fees for claimants to bring a claim in the employment tribunals. The level of fees charged depends on the complexity of the claim, there are two fees: (1) an [...] read more

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New Addtions to the TM LAW Library – Commercial Transactions

Very pleased with the latest addition to the TM LAW Legal library with whole volumes dedicated to precedents we can use for your business  legal matters. please contact us for details of what we can do for your business dealings read more

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compromise agreements now re-named Settlement Agreements is there any difference?

as those of you unfortunate enough to have been made redundant will know the employers usually give you a compromise agreement so that once you sign you cannot come back later and try to make a claim. The employment tribunal rule changes have done away with compromise agreements and replaced them with Settlement agreements. other [...] read more

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