TM Law was founded by Terry Maylin .The firm was formed to cater for the needs of the local business community and the needs of individuals requiring  help with legal issues specifically Personal Injury, Employment, Compromise agreements, Commercial Disputes, Debt Recovery and Landlord and Tenant matters.

One of the firms principal aims is to offer good quality legal services at a cost which is reasonable and proportionate to the matter in hand.

Terry Maylin has specialised in personal injury claims since 1989 and is a member of the prestigious Law Society Personal Injury Panel and also a member of APIL which is an organisation dedicated to the pursuit of helping the victims of accidents and as such is in a good position to offer first class legal advice on personal injury matters.

The firm also has a specialism in the field of employment law including compromise agreements .Terry Maylin has acted for hundreds of employees in the past 10 years in which he has practiced in the field of employment law and has excellent contacts with great experience such as barristers who are able to assist and advise in your employment matters.

As a result of being active in the local business community the firm have a good reputation in the area of debt collecting particularly for local businesses. TM Laws’ approach to this area is designed to achieve maximum recovery for minimum outlay on behalf of local business and the level of knowledge of the debt recovery system available to recover money is second to none.

Again as a result of being involved in the local business community Terry Maylin has had the opportunity to help local businesses involved in commercial disputes for example with suppliers or customers and assisting in trying to resolve them in a productive way including if possible by mediation or other methods of alternative dispute resolution. To date over 20 successful mediations is a great track record in this area.