Avoid Personal Injury Compensation Pitfalls

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Avoid Personal Injury Compensation Pitfalls

It’s one thing to decide to seek fair personal injury compensation following your accident, but it’s another thing to successfully achieve it.  Which is why choosing the right personal injury litigation path is so important, and the very first thing you should consider.

Insurance broker’s solicitor VS your independent solicitor

It is not uncommon when you have an accident for your insurance broker or legal expenses insurer to “steer” you towards their choice of personal injury solicitors.  But you don’t have to make this choice.  You are free to appoint your own, independent solicitor to act on your behalf.

Insurance broker’s solicitor: There is no guarantee that the solicitors recommended will be nearby (in fact it’s more likely they’ll be at the other side of the country).  You are more likely to be dealt with by a junior, relatively inexperienced member of staff, and there are quite often many changes to the team members dealing with your claim.


Independent solicitor: You can choose an independent personal injury solicitor closer to home.  The benefit of this approach means you are able to experience a more personal level of service.  Usually delivered consistently by the same senior, highly experienced personal injury solicitor who is dedicated to your compensation claim.  No call centre switchboards, and the benefit of face to face meetings if you’d prefer.

In addition, if you choose a qualified and experienced personal injury solicitor to act on your behalf you will also find that they are proactive in seeking out ways to fund your claim, including no win no pay and legal expenses insurance.

So, our advice?  Take control of your personal injury compensation claim.  Work with a specialist personal injury solicitor and be sure that the legal advice you act on is accurate and tailored to your individual circumstances.





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About TM Law – Specialist Personal Injury Solicitor

Based in Hockley, Essex, TM Law is a small and dedicated solicitors.  With many years’ experience, helping businesses and local individuals with matters of personal injury, Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney, compromise agreements, employment disputes, debt collection, commercial disputes and much more.

Led by Terry Maylin, TM Law’s knowledge of the personal injury complaint process, compensation process as well as the financial aid schemes available is second to none and we make no distinction between cases funded by private means, trade unions or legal-expenses insurance.

Terry Maylin is a member of The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) as well as a member or the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel.  A highly experience and well respected personal injury practitioner dedicated to your individual case.

If you have suffered an accident and feel a local, experienced personal injury solicitor would serve you well do get in touch.  We’re always happy to help.


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    Very sound advice, thanks Terry.

    You and your team are the first people I call when I have any legal concerns, and on each occasion you’ve helped brilliantly.

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