Landlord Success: How to Evict Tenants [the right way]

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Landlord Success: How to Evict Tenants [the right way]

Tenancy agreements, notices to evict tenants, issuance of possession proceedings and rent recovery proceedings.  The top #4 issues faced by landlords, and the ones most likely to dent yield figures and make owning a buy-to-let property a headache instead of a savvy financial investment.

That’s why smart landlords are ditching the DIY approach.  Opting instead to work with a specialist solicitor.  Drawing up bespoke tenancy agreements to eliminate the risk of a dispute with a tenant, and taking one to one advice to ensure the drafting of section 8 or section 21 Notices is watertight.

TM Law’s Terry Maylin warns landlords of the perils of complacency: “The new Buy-To-Let Britain 2017 Report paints an incredibly rosy picture.  Average yields have edged up to 4.5%, and landlords now collect a total of £4.9bn a month in rent in Great Britain, with the fastest rise in the South East.”

“But landlords must become even more vigilant.  With changes to the tax regime for buy-to-let properties starting to bite all landlords need to work extra hard to keep the picture rosy.  Protecting themselves, reducing costs and increasing income wherever and whenever possible.  The key to this is following correct tenancy procedures, from word go.    With detailed tenancy agreements, the serving of correct notices, possession proceedings and the recovery of arrears of rent owed.”

With ‘How to Evict Tenants’ the top search on the TM Law website, we decided to provide a helpful guide.  Designed to help landlords evict tenants, the right way!

#1 Identify the basis on which you are seeking to remove the tenant.  For example, rent arears, or selling the property.

#2 Serve the correct notice, in the correct manner. This should have been detailed in your original tenancy agreement (no tenancy agreement in place? We can still help).  Double check the details…make sure the dates are correct.

#3 If you’ve served the correct notice, in the right manner then you can now move to issue the right sort of possession proceedings and in the right court.

#4 If you’ve followed the correct process to this point, then you are then able to instruct bailiffs to oversee the removal of your tenants and to make sure your property is secured.

BEWARE! If you get an aspect of this process wrong then there is a good chance that you will have to start the whole process again, delaying your objective by around 5 months. No matter the stage you are at, we can help.

The complexity of the process, and the costs and financial losses associated with troublesome tenants means that more and more landlords are ill-equipped to cope effectively alone.  In fact the majority of our clients are landlords, who up until fairly recently had preferred a DIY approach, and have now come unstuck.



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About TM Law – Specialist landlord and tenant solicitor

Based in Hockley, Essex, TM Law is a small and dedicated solicitors.  With many years’ experience, helping businesses and local individuals with matters of tenancy agreements, Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney, compromise agreements, employment disputes, debt collection, commercial disputes and much more.

As a specialist landlord and tenant solicitors, TM Laws’ knowledge of tenancy agreements, section 8 and section 21 notices, issuance of possession proceedings and rent recovery proceedings is second to none, and their approach is proven to achieve maximum recovery for minimum outlay on behalf of local landlords.

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