Make Sure you get paid for your hard work

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Make Sure you get paid for your hard work

If you or anyone you know In business answers yes to the following questions:

  1. Do you work for customers/clients who trade as a Limited Company?
  2. Do you have fears as to the long term viability of the company for whatever reason?
  3. Do you have a dispute which might tempt that client/customer to wind up his company to avoid the costs that he owes you?

THEN READ ON . . . . Companies can cease to trade/ go into liquidation  for a variety of reasons and if this happens whilst you are working for them you probably won’t get paid. THIS CAN BE AVOIDED!!!! At the outset get the director(s) to sign a guarantee underwriting your fees and the performance of the agreement that Company enters into with you. Please consider your own situation and anyone you know in business and refer to us at TM LAW ONLY £150 plus VAT for something that can be used time and  again.   Contact  Aidan at TM LAW [email protected]  01702 568220

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