Compromise agreements and redundancy

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Compromise agreements and redundancy

Are you being made redundant? Being offered a compromise agreement and want to know why?

These agreements are designed entirely for the benefit of the employer. However although you dont think you have much choice but to sign it, you do have a little bit of bargaining power!

The power comes from the fact that your employer really wants the agreement back signed . The reason?

As soon as the agreement is back with them signed by you and your adviser( more of that later) you cannot bring any employment related claims against them – This is the whole reason a compromise agreement exists!

So – knowing that your employer really wants the agreement back signed without any fuss you may feel more confident in telling them that the money that they are offering you is not enough!

In relation to legal advice- in order that the compromise agreement is valid and has the effect the employer wants they have to pay for you to have legal advice from expert employment solicitors like TM Law .

So now you know more please feel free to visit our FAQs for more info or contact us for your free consultation and hopefully we can advise you on the compromise agreement to ensure you are well looked after.

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